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Maaza, Hindi for “enjoy”, is the world’s largest brand of tropical fruit drinks. Having humble beginnings on the local mango fruit orchards of India, Maaza has been a staple for almost 50 years. Throughout the years, we’ve been dedicated to the pursuit of the best quality tropical juice drinks.

Maaza Sparkling!
Great taste, more fun!

Maaza Sparkling equals pure enjoyment. Great taste, just like all Maaza products, plus an additional pleasant tingling with every sip. The source of pleasure in Maaza Sparkling? Sparkling water with a splash of fruit juice from single strength purée.

Maaza Mango fruity ice sticks!

Maaza has launched a new product; fruity ice sticks! In the most popular Maaza flavor Mango.

Enjoy and let the summer begin!

Our story

Our fruits go through various steps before they can be enjoyed as Maaza fruit drinks. In every step of the journey, protecting our superior quality is key.

The fruit orchards

To make sure we use only the best quality of fruit for our Maaza products, we monitor our fruit orchards with great care.

Producing the best quality tropical fruit drinks

To ensure that Maaza products are of the highest attainable quality, our fruit purees are processed only in the best production locations.

Our goal

Maaza’s mission is to make the best quality tropical fruit drinks - available everywhere at affordable prices, so everyone can enjoy them.